When you hire Browne Law, LLC, you’re getting more than professional representation. Whatever your legal needs are to protect the legacy your business is building, Browne Law has got you covered. We are committed to excellence, and providing the right level of service for your needs.

About principal lawyer

A. Browne Esq. is an entertainment, intellectual property, and business lawyer. Her goal is always to provide the best legal representation for your creative endeavors, both tangible and intangible. Always know that the best way to deal with legal issues is to take measures to avoid them. Learn how to protect your creative work at a law firm that’s passionate about ensuring that creatives own their stuff

what makes us unique

At Browne Law, we are a new kind of law firm for a changing world. We utilize technology together with tiered levels of legal service to provide clients with the right amount of help for them. You choose. We can walk you through your case from beginning to end or we can provide limited legal analysis. Our virtual meeting spaces will save you time and money. We offer initial consultations via the web, over the telephone, or in person. Your attorney will be available for you in the evening because we understand that life can be challenging and flexibility is important.

How we can help

Trademark Registration

At Browne Law, we are passionate about brand protection via Federal Trademark Registration. It is one of the most important keys to owning the brand you are building. In fact Trademark ownership is integral to most of our client base. Our entertainment clients, our franchise founders, our influencer clients and almost all of our entreprenuers can benefit from trrademark registration.

Business Formation

Let Browne Law, LLC be the solution to protect your business, We are happy to assist with your business representation needs including advsing on the right business structure for you, acquiring business licensiing and franchise formation.

Copyright Registration

Register your works with the Federal Copyright Office. We can help advise you on what parts of your work are protectable, which registrations you need and shephard your appliation through from beginning to end. Find out how to ensure what you are using for your brand is not being infringed upon and get legal help if it is.

Trademark Watch

Already have a registered trademark? Ensure that your mark is protected with scheduled searches. We will help monitor the mark for maintenance/renewal dates as well as infringers.

License Agreements

Need to license your work to someone else or obtain rights to utilize someone else’s IP? We can help craft a legally sound agreement tailored to your needs. We also offer templates for sale.

Entertainment Contracts

Contact us for a full-service legal advisor as you take your career as an entertainer to the next financial level. Or reach out for a one-time review of your pending offer. We also offer independent artists help in setting up their royalty and PRO accounts. Don’t get stuck in a bad deal. We can help.

What we Do

We help artists protect their intellectual property. Browne Law helps creatives and small business owners protect their We give you the tools do business and own your stuff

Intellectual property (IP) Law is the area of law that protects the rights of creators and inventors. Every business, brand and creative has some form of IP they own. Please visit freebies page to download and read our free IP Ebook  which can give you a deeper understanding.

A copyright is the right to control and benefit from the work you have created. You have a copyright as soon as you create the work, however, copyright registration is required to legally stop someone from infringing on your rights.

A trademark is a thing that identifies your goods or services as you do business. It is how customers recognize your brand and set you apart from others.

The word trademark is used for goods and the word servicemark is used for services. The terms are interchangeable so we will use trademark on this site, just know it refers to both.

Just like with a copyright, you own your trademark as soon as you start using it with your goods or services. With a trademark, those rights are limited without registration. Securing a trademark registration with the USPTO provides nationwide rights that are broader and the strongest to attain.

As soon as you decide that your business, brand, and or artistry is serious and important you should be planning how to own your stuff. Only you know the true vision for your brand. One tip that has long-lasting truth is “begin with the end in mind”.

An assessment of your business and or brand would be needed to give a thorough answer. It is likely you have a combination of types in your portfolio.

An infringer is someone who violates the rights of another. This term is used often when discussing someone who has taken another’s intellectual property. There are many ways to stop infringers but in some cases including copyright, you will need a registered right to take legal action.

In many cases, your business name is your trademark/service mark however it does not have to be. Also, it is important to note that registering your business with the secretary of state is not the same as registering a trademark.