Flat Fee Services

Browne Law is proud to offer a wide variety of flat-fee services. When you choose flat-fee services you know what you are getting and exactly how much you can expect to pay. In order to charge one price for legal we estimate the amount of time a routine matter of the type you engage us to perform would take. Our Flat Fee Rates are set based on the number of billable hours that a routine matter would expend. If the matter’s complexity evolves or a client requires extra time and attention, then the matter would no longer fit into the mold of a “simple”
 or “routine” matter. We will let you know when you are expending billable time at increased pace to let you know that your matter’s fees may go beyond the Flat Fee Rate. Your Engagement Letter that you will receive and sign at the onset of working with our firm will set forth what is covered by the Flat Fee.  If the maximum billable hours are exceeded, regardless of cause, the client will be billed for any additional billable time spent completing that flat rate service at an hourly rate further described in your Engagement Letter.

We offer multiple flexible payment options.  Before adding your product or service to cart you can select the option for a payment plan. By selecting this option you agree to authorize Browne Law to charge your payment method in monthly installments until complete payment has been received by us. Your product or service delivery will occur after full payment is received. We accept credit cards, Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, bank and wire transfer, PayPal and PayPal Credit, Affirm Credit, and financing through justiceforme.com

If you do not see the service you need here contact us. We would be happy to discuss ways that we can assist you.   Click the book now button under each listing to view a detailed description of each product offering.