Seven Reasons to Divorce by Agreement

May 12, 2021

This post is about obtaining a divorce when you both agree or what is otherwise known as an uncontested divorce. In New York state if you and your spouse can agree upon the issues, then you qualify for an uncontested divorce..

A divorce is a very hard thing. This I know from personal experience. It is the death of something that most intended would never end. If you are one of the fortunate few that are both ready to end your marriage and want to know how to minimize the effects of this split read on. If you are both in agreement that the marriage should end and you’re on the fence about a few issues you should still read on. There are many advantages to both parties coming together to resolve their issues outside of the courtroom. I’ve put together just a few that have concerned the clients I’ve worked with.

  1. Minimize cost to both parties: The cost of ongoing legal advice is not cheap. Most divorces that are contested will take more than one year to resolve. Each and every time you need to file a motion or appear in court you will need to pay your attorney and pay the court filing fees.

  2. Retain control: Exit your marital agreement the same way you entered into on you own terms.

  3. Keep private matters private: A contested divorce may require the disclosure of sensitive matters to the court which is a public record.

  4. Minimize the time: When you’ve come to the decision to divorce agreement between both parties on finances and co-parenting will significantly reduce the time to a legal divorce or separation.

  5. Lesson the stress to children: If children are involved in the union they are also feeling the hurt of the end of their parent/caregivers marriage. Children can become depressed and struggle in areas they usually excelled when disruption is significant. A divorce by agreement can be done without testimony from children.

  6. Emotional well being of all parties: A protracted divorce makes it difficult for everyone to focus on healing when the painful situation is still unresolved.

  7. New Beginnings: When you both agree to the terms of your divorce you’re more likely to abide by the provisions included without the need to return to the courtroom.

If you decide that you would like an attorney’s help with your divorce by agreement Browne Law we would be glad to help you protect what matters most to you. We will explain the process, review your completed agreements and advise on the filing process.

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